Susu Bean Soup


One quarter cup of black beans, soaked over night.
One quarter of a big onion, cut into rough slices.
Three bunch tomatoes.
Three dried mint leaves, and a pinch of dried methi leaves.

1. Slow-boil the beans in 4 cups of water for 30 minutes, longer if desired.
2. Fly the onions on low heat in butter for 10 minutes so that the bottom surface turns golden brown and the pieces are soft.
3. Set the oven to Broil mode and after it is thoroughly heated, heat the tomatoes for seven minutes after applying a coat of oil on their peels.
4. Mix the boiled beans with water, fried onions, and grilled tomatoes together and blend.
5. Remove the mixture into the boiling pot, and add the dried mint leaves and methi leaves. Add some green chili peppers if desired.

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