Sushant's Goulash soup

1 tbsp cumin
1/2 tbsp coriander seeds
1/2 inch stick cinnamon
1/2 tbp black pepper
1/4 Chinese chili pepper
1 cardamom
1 clove

1 chicken piece (around 1/2 pound)
Almost one huge carrot, cubed
1/4 huge Bombay onion
1/4 turnip
1/4 cup blackeye peas
Half salami cut into half inch piece
1/4 small beetroot
1/4 purple cabbage
2 huge tomatoes
Handful pumpkin cut into half inch cubes
A handful of cilantro

1 start boiling chicken for one hour
2 add carrot turnip blackeyed peas pumpkin salami, boil for another one hour
3 add tomato pieces, and all spices, boil for another 1.5 hour
4 add cabbage, boil for 10 min.
5 in the last 30 sec, add cilantro. salt to taste.

Amazing stuff. :D

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